Fly and big Game fishing from boat on Bass, Carp and Shark

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More an more people starting with the adventure fishing. It is international, so all over the world fishing become a big buisiness. How about a trip to Germany, Norway or other interesting countries? Fishing there can be very nice, because you can catch fishes which you have never seen before. But most people like fishing in the sea on the giants like Sharks, Tuna, Marlin or Sailfish.

The equipment here is much more expensive than fishing in lake and ponds. How about a 50 pound carp or salmon? This is excellent sport fishing too but cheaper. Other reason for fishing is that it is good for your health. Better than watching television or sitting in a pub. You are always under voltage and in action with this best hobby on earth. Never forget too the nice fishes in cuisine. Fish is very healthy and tasty. Most important reason to go fishing was and is that it is pure fun. It is deep inside us, because men where hunters like in the early past. To be successful in fishing makes us glad and satisfied. In this section we want to describe and explain the biggest adventure FISHING.

Fly fishing: A special method is to fish with a fly. Primaraly you can catch salmon, trout and steelheads with it. It is not so easy and you need a fly fishing reel and stick. fly fishing is very fine and a good sport, because small and middle sized fishes fight very strong.

Alaska fishing lodge: Alaska is the home for big salmons and the dream for fly fishing people. What you can find here is a great nature with bears, wolfs or beavers. Clear river with bigh fishes everywhere. In an Alaska fishing lodge you can live for the fishing holiday. Normally they have special guides with many experiance in fishing salmons and trouts.

Fishing products: To be sucsessful in fishing is not cheap. Modern tecnology grow up the chance to catch fishes, but the prices grow up too. Products like fishing boats, outboard motors, boat trailers, trolling motors, fishing wheels, fishing stick, echolot and much more were needed. The only way to save money is to look and buy over the internet for such products. You can compare prices and use special online auctions.

Fishing boats: With a fishing boat you have very much advantages to catch fishes. With a boat it is easy to find good places and for the giants like tuna its necessary. For the sea you need of course a bigger one than on lake. The equipment should be modern and powerful. A big and strong outboard motor is very important. It is not only a question of money, a reliably outboard protects you from dangerous situations on sea or river.

Carp fishing: In Germany carp fishing is very popular. Carps were very big and strong fishes which can reach weights till 50 Pounds and more. You can catch them with a special tecnology and boilies. The hok is free and depends on a ground lead. In Amerika for a long time people don´t like carps, because they crowding other fishes. But now the opinion changes so that they accept him as a nice sports fish. Americans like now fishing on them.

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Fishing is one of the biggest adventure

Shark fishing:
But much more they like fishing on sharks for example. The power and strongthness is unbelievable. With fishes like those you can fight for much hours and the shark has a real chance to become free again. The size from sharks were very big, the length can be 5 Meters and nearly 1000 Pounds. You can charter special boats with guides, so that your chance grow up to catch a shark.

Fishing guide:  Not only for sharks it is important to have a guide. They know exactly where you must go fishing and when. He shows you more from tecnology and special fishes like Tarpon, Marlin, Tuna, Sharks, Barakuda or whatelse. With a fishing guide your chance become better to catch your fish of your dreams.

Big Game Fishing: This means that you want to fight only with the giants of the sea. Fishes bigger than cars and strong like steel. Big Game Fishing is only for people with much experiance in fishing. For this special kind to fight with giants you need special equipment linke reels, sticks and cord. Normally you can get all on the big game fishing boats. The crew helps you very much if it is needed. Those fishing on sea is very nice, because most time the weather is great and the water blue. Pure fun and interesting, if you can catch fish or not.

Ice fishing: This special kind of fishing is only for people who live in cold countrys. In Germany often the ice is not strong enough for fishing. But when it can be very interesting and successful. You can catch trouts, salmon, pike and much more fishes. Of course you need for ice fishing other equipment like an short fishing stick or small reel. In Danmark, Norway and Sweden ice fishing is very popular. So try out and make a trip to the wild coasts there.

Fishing equipment: Every kind of fish needs a special equipment. For example if you want to catch sharks you can´t use a stick from fly fishing. And there is a difference if you decide to catch big ones or small ones. Little Big Game fishing is catching smaller fishes like Permit, Conger, Barrakuda and Tarpon. So you can see that for each fish and situation special equipment is needed. It can become very expensive and only avoid when you know where you must buy all. The best way is to look in auctions on expensive equipment which you need. There you can save a lot of money.

Fishing where? Fishing is international and every country has interesting fishes which you can catch. In Alaska you can fish salmon, in Germany carps, in Norway Lumb, in Spain  tuna, in Africa sharks ... The list is endless. Other nice countries for fishing where France, Danmark, Australia, Amerika and Italy.

Deep Sea fishing: In Norway for example you have the chance to catch fishes which where normally not so easy to find. They live in the deep blue sea and can become very big. Leng, Lumb or Conger were very nice sports fishes. Its fishing for real men, because you must use very heavy ground lead to come to ground. Imagine how difficult it is to pump up a 100 Pound fish from the ground with 1KG lead.

Sport fishing: You don´t think that it is real sport? How about then with giants on sea like tuna, shark, Marlin ... You fight with them for hours, so that its realy hard work. And when you go fishing you are always in move. So we think, sport fishing is more sport than chess for example. But it is only our opinion.

Fishing boat: Successfully fishing is only possible with good fishing boats in the right size. Normally in in you have place for some people and a big fish. The height is important too, because on the sea were big waves which can make problems. A good skipper, boat and crew costs a lot of money, but think about that its for your secure and the chance to catch big fishes grow up with the guides.

Fishing lodge: Of course not only in Alaska there were nice fishing lodges. All over the world were nice lodges and places for fishing. You must know which fishes you want to catche and then you choose the country. Alaska for salmon and trout. Norway for Leng and Lumb. Germany for Carp and Pike. And so on.

Fishing videos: Very nice method to see in reality what others catch when they go fishing. Very much and nice videos you can see on YouTube

Fishing reports: Other great way to learn how and where others catch their fishes is to look their reports. On this site there is an english section too, where you can post your experiances. Please write the fishing reports with some pictures.

Fishing charter: Of course not all people have an own boat for fishing. For them is the best way to charter a fishing boat. It is more cheaper then and you can choose the skipper and boat. And imagine that with a charter you can concentrate on fishing and not petrol, equipment and so on. For tourists it is the only way to have a boat for fishing, because no one have a own ship where they make holiday. Online it is easy to find great offers from fishing charter traders. Compare prices and decide then.

Good equpment is helpful for successful fishing on bass, carp and shark

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Boat insurance: Very much can happen on water if you go fishing. The boat could be driven against a tree or big stone for example. Or think about big waves on sea. There were so much reasons why an insurance is very important. And it is cheaper than you think. With an insurance you have no risk and can concentrate really on fishing.

Boat financing and loans: You dream from an own boat or ship? Then it is time for an financing  specialist who can help you make your dream come true. Normally people can not pay cash, because the prices were to high for good boats. Best way is to pay a part in cash and finance the other part with a loan.


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